Shameful: Slow Killing Techniques Found Yet Once Again at Petco, PetSmart Provider

Written by PETA |

“On an everyday basis, I saw that animals had passed away in the containers.”

A former staff member has blown the whistle on all-too-familiar reports of vicious and neglectful practices at Sun Pet Ltd., a company in Atlanta that offers little animals to many family pet stores, including PetSmart and Petco– and that , panting in a sealed plastic bag.PETA sent out an immediate request to the Georgia Department of Agriculture to examine. The state officialsfirst explored other parts of the big facility which were not the topic of the grievance, the assessment still verified that the gassing box in the employee break room was cracked, which a manager confessing to having full understanding of. The authorities purchased the business to change the damaged chamber.What You Can Do

Constantly adopt, and shop just at sellers that choose not to sell animals. Each time that people purchase animals from pet stores, they condemn other loving, healthy ones to deaths in shelters and support horror factories like Sun Pet.Seven eyewitness examinations of animal dealerships connected to Petco and/or PetSmart have exposed filthy, abusive conditions for animals. Let those business understand that you’ll go shopping in other places until they end all animal sales.

Inform Petco and PetSmart That You’ll Store Somewhere else Until They End Animal Sales