Beast Jam Is Returning To Petco Park

Buzz Worthy Even if you aren’t into Monster Trucks … this is pretty cool to see!Monster Jam coming back to San Diego. We wouldn’t precisely call ourselves’Monster Truck individuals ‘around the halls of ThereSanDiego, however this occasion is still pretty darn cool to see!Talk about an insane action-packed occasion where you can’t

believe some of this stuff is even possible … you have no concept that a truck can do what these things do?! Monster Jam is commemorating 25 years of adrenaline-charged household home entertainment, so we can most likely anticipate some extra-special stunts at this one.Basically, if you have never ever been to one of these and you or someone in your family enjoys adrenalin, you need to grab your tickets before they are offered out! Sat-January 20, 2018 7:00 pm– 9:00 pm PETCO Park