(Source: Terah Leder via KTRK via CNN)(Source: Terah Leder by means of KTRK by means of CNN)(Meredith)– PetSmart reportedly fired a staff member in Texas after a video showed her pulling a pet dog in the grooming

beauty salon. The lady can be seen grasping the pet dog’s muzzle and jerking its face while grooming the hair around its neck. At one point, she lets go and yanks the Shih Tzu’s right ear to switch angles.Terah Leder, a client who taped the event, said she knew she needed to do something.

“I was trembling. I was going nuts,” Leder told KTRK.”I could not think exactly what I had actually simply seen.”

After informing the shop’s manager, she waited an hour outside for someone to select up the pooch.

“If that were my canine, I would like to know exactly what occurred,” said Leder.The owner,

Brooke Vowers, later published the video on Facebook, where it’s acquired more than 560,000 views.Vowers said watching the video made her”sick to( her) stomach.”

“If this taken place to my canine, it’s probably taken place to other canines. And I don’t desire it to happen to future pets,” the concerned owner informed KTRK.Vomer said she is

happy, nevertheless, for Leder speaking up.A PetSmart representative stated in a declaration that the groomer’s actions were “totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

“The associate was right away terminated,” the representative continued. “At PetSmart, we all love animals, and this video does not represent who we are as a business.”