It’s nearly here! Halloween is on the horizon and the witching hour is drawing near. As the days tick by this week please keep in mind that your family pets are affected by this holiday routine. Many of us consider Halloween as a time of celebrations and pranks, but there are some steps every loving animal owner must take to guarantee their furry buddy is safe and from harm’s way this season. Whether its pet dog outfits, unsafe sweet or lots of door bell ringing, issues can occur … along with the living dead.1.

If your pooch is not too eager on putting on that complete body dog outfit, or simply won’t stall long enough for you to try, then a seasonal bandana or collar might simply suffice.2.

To make sure yummy treats do not become harmful tricks, place all candy up on high racks or counters, in closed cabinets, or generally from your pet’s reach.

3. If you can, avoid giving out Xylitol and chocolate at your door this Halloween. You are most likely going to be distracted at times and running back and forth whenever the doorbell rings.4.

Make sure your canine is sporting current animal ID tags, in case he or she gets out the door in between visitors. We provide many

customized pet dog tags with Halloween styles.5. If your pet dog is constantly over-reactive, stressed out and terrified, they might just not like Halloween. Simply switch off your lights, plop a bowl of sweet on the deck and skip the celebrations. Your family pet deserves it.You can see more tips like these in Colleen Safford’s “Secrets to an Excellent Canine” Blog site short article here.