Best Names For Parrots

Names for parrots

The parrot is by far the most popular exotic bird in homes, so much so that today there are many people who decide to host it to fulfill the role of a companion animal, and in fact, it can be, even more so when all the necessary care is provided.

If you have decided that the parrot is the best pet for you, you are surely thinking about what to call it, if you couldn’t come up with a name, in this article you will see a wide selection of names for parrots and you will surely find one that seems perfect.

What is the best name for my parrot?

There is no single answer to this question and in large part, this has to do with the owner’s tastes. Many people consider that a parrot deserves a name that does justice to its beauty, however, you may prefer to go for a funny or unusual name, and this is certainly a valid option.

In addition, parrots are very social birds and precisely have the ability to speak as a form of communication they imitate each other. When they are not in the wild but in domestic life, they maintain this behavior, and not only can they repeat what they hear from you, but they would be able to imitate their own name.

Names for parrots

Australian parrot (parakeet) names

Names of Australian origin come in part from the Aboriginal language and can be used for any parrot, however, we think it may be a good idea to use the following names for a parakeet, a species widely known as the Australian parrot.

What the parakeet shares with the most beautiful parrots is its great colors, and that is precisely why they are part of the same family, and even though we have said that parrots are usually very popular exotic birds, the truth is that most companion birds found in homes are usually classic parakeet or Australian parrot.

Names for parrots

Whether you have a larger parakeet or parrot, you may want to give it an Australian name, in that case, don’t miss the next selection of names.

 Adoni Akala Alkira
 Allunga Amarine Amaroo
 Anka Antara Aremi
 Arika Barina Bega
 Binda Camira Dainan
 Daku Give the Eerin
 Ellin Garbis Hanya
 Iraia Jannali Kanata
 Khya Kimba Kolet
 Kora Korra Kylie
 Meera Melba Miki
 Narel Navia Nerida
 Raelene Sahani Sukru
 Tuan Tuana Candle

Names for female parrots

Have you decided to adopt a female parrot? You should know that it is not easy to differentiate the sex of parrots since they have the peculiarity of having internal sexual organs, that is, the genitals cannot be differentiated with the naked eye but it would be necessary to perform a palpation.

However, some behavioral traits can provide us with a clue that helps us determine the sex of our bird, for example, in the case of parrots, females clearly present a more aggressive character. Aesthetically, compared to a male, the female parrot will present less showy colors.

Names for parrots

If you have properly determined the sex of your pet and are now looking for names for female parrots, we recommend that you do not miss the following selection, it’s very wide and will surely provide you with various options that are to your liking.

 Abbess Acacias Adelaide
 Aerial Africa Aphrodite
 Aphrodisiac Fruity Flutter
 Alita Aloha Alpha
 Poppy Arianrhod Ariel
 Astarte Aura dawn
 Batuka AssetBeyonce
 Bibi White Blonda
 Jingle Bell Cassia Waterfall
Rainbow Sky Cindy
 Cynthia clear Clarita
 Cleric Clotilde Parrot
Miranda Cuquita Daenerys
 Lady Danish Darbuka
 Delicate Delight
 Diana Denise Dora
 Dorita Doubtful Ellen
 Elma Praised Eloisa
 Elsa Sphere Star
 Starry Fada Fadeta
 Happiness Fifona Fofita
 Frida Frozen Puckered
 Gardenia Gertrude Gina
 Giralda Godzilla
 Hera Hestia Time
 Isabella Isasaweiss Isidora
 Isis Ithaca Lady
 Lauren Leila Lethal
 Beautiful Lisa Lisi
 Lolita Lolona Lubra
 Moon Lupita
 Maira Squeamish
 Balm Honey Milana
 Yarrow Wicker Mimosa
 Mine Minerva Minnesota
 Minona Natua Natura
 Nayara Neninta Neptuna
Nerela Nikita Nikola
 Not Nolita Nua
 Bridal Nupciana Olympia
 Olympus Olive
 Paquita Pastita
 Cake Persian Persephone
 Persia Sassy Girl Precious
 Preciousness Princess Prussia
 Randal Queen Reigning
 Rita Laugh Giggles
 Rural Route Ruvania
 Sahara Sashimi Sativa
 Saturna Track Path
 Shira Shirly Siara
 Siba Siren Little mermaid
 Sitara Stella Svetlana
 Tauren Tauret Tedious
 Tefalta Teisy Thais
Thalia Thayra Tiara
 Tica Torita Totita
Toula Tulipa Venice
 Venus Verona Viborita
 Vulcan Yaki Yaya
 Yeyes Zakira Zambra
 Zazu Zimba Zira
 ZitaraCapsize Zuanda
 Zulusa ZumbaBuzzed

Names for male parrots

Have you made the choice to adopt a male parrot? As we mentioned before, at the level of color, male parrots are the ones that present the most vivid and striking colors compared to females, in addition, the size is also somewhat larger, although this difference in size is more evident in the head.

In addition, males tend to have a generally calmer character than females, therefore, raising two male parrots from an early age is an excellent option and the risk of fighting is lower than if they are also in the same cage. a female, which can be very aggressive during the mating season.

Names for parrots

Obviously, to maintain all the positive characteristics of your parrot (feathers, good behavior, good health) it will be essential that you take care of its diet and that you go to a veterinarian who specializes in exotic animals.

Regardless of whether your parrot is male or female, these cares are basic and you must cover them.

If you are looking for names for male parrots because the bird has just arrived at your home, below you will find a wide selection and among them you may finally decide the most suitable name for your pet.

 Aaron Trinket Abel
 Abelino Birdseed Apache
 Apollo Apu Surly
 Arnold Arus Bacchus
 Bacon Bender Bendi
 Benji Beny Berber
 Beru Bug Blah
 Blau Blister Bobito
 Fool Che Chiron
 Joke Funny Cholo
 Candle Cyrus Coconut
 Colour Colorful Coke
 Cuckoo Cupid Cuqui
 Curro Curry Darko
 Dente Dildo Dorito
 Doro Duff Dunkan
 Fado Phoebe Fifo
 Phyto Fury Goliath
 Greedy Guido Guru
 Hercules Hermes Hernan
 Milestone Chief Jon
 Juno Kalassar Kiwi
 Koldo Krispy Krusty
 Footman Lacon Laius
 Leke Read it Lily
 Lulo Maroto Maki
 Me if Messiah Miloto
 Voyeur Momo Morito
 Mute Elder brother Baby
 Nini Medlar Sharp
 Paco Box Pando
 Pepe Pepin Pepito
 Parakeet Rogue Picaron
 Squab Itching Picote
 Pecking Lightning King
 Radiance Giggles Rojito
 Rom Rum rum Wise
 Sapiens Scruppy Scuby
 Seal Serpentine Seseo
 Sisco Bland Susu
 Dowel Tarzan Tate
 Tete Thor Accent mark
 Puppet Tolkien Tommy
 Toto Tristan Tutu
Uritorco Urko Urri
 Ursus Uvon Vivaldi
 Vivacious Alive Wally
 Wellington Womba Xaxi

Have you found the right name for your pet from this wide selection of names for parrots? We hope that this is the case and we remain at your disposal for any suggestion you want to make, we will be delighted to receive your comments.

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