How to make a chihuahua stop barking when I’m sleeping?

chihuahua barking

Chihuahuas are small dogs that have big personalities. They are dominant by nature and often bark to attract attention or because they are bored. To avoid barking, you must first establish yourself as the pack leader so your dog knows that you are in control.

Chihuahuas are smart and can be trained not to repeat their old habits. You should never yell at your Chihuahua or punish bad behavior because this can increase the problem. Instead, the key to preventing inappropriate barking is to completely ignore bad behavior and reward good behavior with attention and rewards.

Step 1

Find out why your Chihuahua is barking. Two of the most common reasons for them to bark at night are because your dog is scared or wants to get attention. Noises can scare small dogs and they will bark to protect themselves and you.

However, if your Chihuahua starts barking the moment you leave the room, this will likely be a yell for attention.

Step 2

Teach your Chihuahua the word “quiet.” Say the word firmly when barking during the day to get attention or out of boredom. Ignore your dog if it continues to bark, and reward it with attention and gifts only when it stops.

Keep practicing this command until it understands what the word “quiet” means and responds to it.

Step 3

Get your chihuahua to exercise before going to bed. Take it out for a long walk for it to get tired. You are more likely to go to sleep quickly if you are tired.

Step 4

Make your dog feel more secure by securing the room in which it sleeps. Put up curtains or blinds so it can’t see out. Put its bed in a dark corner and keep a piece of your clothes on the bed to encourage it to lie down and feel calm.

Step 5

Keep a box of its toys in the room so your dog can entertain itself if it wakes up. Chihuahuas need a lot of stimulation, so choose intellectual toys that will prevent them from getting bored and barking. Select dog puzzles and other toys that will make your dog work for its reward.

Step 6

Turn on the radio if your Chihuahua doesn’t like being left alone. Sound can help you feel more secure and can calm you down.

Step 7

Firmly say the command “be quiet” to your dog before going to sleep.

Step 8

Ignore their barking at night. This can be difficult, but responding to your dog will only apply bad behavior. Your dog will eventually realize that its barking is not catching your attention and will stop.

Step 9

Keep ignoring your Chihuahua if it barks again the next morning. Don’t respond to it when you wake up until it stops. Giving it lots of praise when it’s quiet imposes the idea that it will be rewarded for being quiet.

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