ANKC: Australian National Kennel Council

Australian National Kennel Council

The ANKC or Australian National Kennel Council is Australia’s main dog federation. It was created in 1949 and plays an important role in canine activities including competitions as well as in the registration and protection of purebred Australian dogs.

What is ANKC?

The Australian National Kennel Council is Australia’s leading organization responsible for the promotion of the breeding, dog shows, testing, welfare, and protection of purebred dogs. It also promotes good canine behavior. The organization was founded in 1949 in the city of Sydney.

The organization does not interact directly with the public since it is the canine councils representative of the different states and regions of Australia (there are 8 of these councils) that interact with anyone wishing to contact the ANKC.

Each of the canine councils in each state must ensure the safeguarding of purebred dog registers (several thousand purebred dogs are registered each year). It must also ensure the control and follow-up of the kennel clubs which organize the canine competitions and the canine parades. Like many canine organizations, she contributes and is involved in veterinary research. Particular attention is also paid to the training of canine judges.

ANKC activities

In the course of its history, the ANKC has changed its status somewhat. It started out as a body that provided oversight and made recommendations. The ANKC then met every year for festivals and exhibitions dedicated to agriculture and rural life (where there were also dog parades) such as the Royal Easter Show in Sydney.

The status of the ANKC has gradually changed over the years to become a true control and coordination body. It was only a few years ago that the organization was able to really acquire legal status and at the same time ensure a greater number of missions in favor of the protection and the well-being of purebred dogs in Australia.

Today, Its contribution to the improvement of various dog activities is unanimously recognized. The ANKC reviews the physical criteria, temperament, and appearance of each breed. The different breeds recognized by the organization are grouped into 7 different groups (hunting dogs, terriers, sniffer dogs, etc.). The organization also regulates agility and obedience tests, among others, for dogs.

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