The CKC: The Canadian Kennel Club

The CKC The Canadian Kennel Club

The CKC is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to registering purebred dogs from breeds recognized by the organization. It also plays an important role in protecting and promoting them.

What is the CKC?

The CKC or the Canadian Kennel Club is the main registry for purebred dogs in Canada. The organization was founded in 1888. Its role is not limited to maintaining the list of purebred dogs in Canada, since it also organizes dog shows and training competitions. The Canadian Kennel Club currently recognizes 175 different breeds.

The aim of the CKC is to demonstrate the usefulness of purebred dogs in society and the multiplicity of services they can render to their human companions. The organization works to protect the interests of purebred dogs and those of their breeders. It should be noted that organizations like the CKC only guarantee that a given dog descends from a single breed, it does not guarantee that its heritage is entirely healthy.

CKC activities

While not the only purebred dog registry in Canada, the CKC is by far the most popular with Canadians. The procedure for registering purebred dogs is almost the same as for other organizations of this type. It is imperative that the parents of the purebred dog are already registered with the CKC. It is possible to register an imported dog provided it is registered within an organization recognized by the CKC.

The registration process is of some interest during dog shows or for breeders who find buyers more easily with purebred amateurs. It should be noted that the CKC brings together 20,000 individual members and no less than 700 breed clubs.

Individual CKC members may only breed breeds recognized by the CKC and must agree not to become involved in the sale or training of dogs that are not purebred. The organization is also responsible for the publication of a monthly magazine dedicated to dogs by collaborating with “Dogs in Canada”.

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