The KC: Kennel Club

The KC Kennel Club

The Kennel Club is a very active British canine organization founded in 1873. Unlike some canine organizations, it lists dogs that are not necessarily purebred.

What is the KC?

The KC or the Kennel Club is Britain’s largest organization dedicated to the protection of all dogs. It ensures their well-being and good health through its various activities. The organization also provides recording mission purebred dogs and hybrid dogs.

The club is also considered to be the first cynological association in the world. It was born on April 4, 1873. It is also the oldest kennel club. The registration system distinguishes 7 different groups of dogs and for the year 2013, the number of breeds recognized by the Kennel Club amounted to some 211 dog breeds. In addition to organizing a number of dog events, the Kennel Club also offers dog insurance services for individuals.

Kennel Club activities

The Kennel Club gives permission for the organization of numerous dog shows across the UK, but it itself runs a world-class purebred competition known as Crufts. The first edition of the dog show was held in 1928. Held every March in Birmingham, the show continues to attract competitors from around the world at each edition. KC is also involved in veterinary and scientific research projects to improve dog health.

The Kennel Club also organizes another event which attracts many visitors, namely “Discover Dogs”. The event is an opportunity for visitors to meet the different breeds of dogs on display and to talk to experts about the characteristics of the different breeds on display.

Since 2000, the Kennel Club has held a dog show called Scruffts which is quite similar to the Crufts show except that it is dedicated to hybrid dogs. The Kennel Club also has its own charitable organization, the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, which funds research to combat certain canine diseases and organizations dedicated to the welfare of dogs. Finally, the Kennel Club also has an art gallery located within the organization’s headquarters in London and in which are exhibited artistic works centered on dogs.

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