UKC: United Kennel Club

UKC United Kennel Club

The UKC is an American kennel club created in 1898. Unlike many kennel clubs, it offers to register dogs that are not necessarily purebred and organizes competitions mainly focused on performance and open to all dogs.

What is UKC?

The United Kennel Club or UKC is the largest kennel club in the world by the number of dogs registered. Nevertheless, it is considered the second kennel club in the United States after the American Kennel Club which remains more popular. This American club which was founded in 1898 deals with the registration of all types of dogs in the 50 American states as well as in 25 countries outside the United States. The original idea of ​​this dog club was to focus as much on the physical aspect of the dogs as on their performance for their registration.

Of the 16,000 shows supervised by the UKC, nearly 60% of them are agility and training competitions, proving that it is indeed the behavior of dogs that takes precedence over their appearance in the competition. ‘UKC. The headquarters of the organization are located in the US town of Kalamazoo in southwest Michigan.

UKC activities

The UKC organizes a multitude of events that are meant to be family and educational events. Events organized by the UKC include agility tests, dressage competitions, swimming races, hunting competitions, and a host of other canine activities primarily focused on dog performance.

The UKC’s mission is also to organize canine competitions open to all types of dogs. This includes purebred dogs with unknown pedigrees, hybrid dogs, purebred dogs with major faults, or even breeds that are not recognized by the UKC.

The principle of UKC is to create a balance between the performance and physical appearance of dogs so that they are healthier and happier. The competitions are also open to trainers and owners of amateur dogs. The UKC also offers the most comprehensive pedigree of purebred dogs in the world. This goes back to 14 generations and specifies details such as the number of puppies of each litter, the color of the coat of the different ancestors, and the different prices obtained.

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