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American Curl

The American Curl is a cat with many advantages. Very good companion for a family with or without children, it is also suitable for the elderly or sedentary. It is mainly an indoor feline, which comes in 2 varieties: one long-haired, the other short-haired.

A fairly recent cat (1980s), the American Curl is impressively soft, with rare tranquility even if It knows how to be playful and active when It wants to. It hardly ever meows, which makes It a splendid apartment cat. Its health does not pose any concern if his ears, singular, are checked as it is necessary.

History of the breed

The American Curl takes its name referring of course to its particular ears. This cat was discovered by an American couple in 1981. Grace and Joe Ruga came across a little cat in Southern California. Initially, they did not really pay attention to it until it gave birth to many kittens who had curled ears.

After a few questions asked to feline specialists in the United States, the American Curl breed was created and especially recognized by the TICA in 1985, 4 years after its discovery.

Physical features

  • Its body: The American Curl is medium in size, semi-foreign in size as his standard says. It has a body described as elegant and rectangular. Its length is greater than the height of its withers. Note that the male is often larger than the female. We also perceive a beautiful musculature, toned, as well as a fine bone structure.
  • Its hair: The American Curl comes in 2 varieties since it exists as well with short hairs as with long hairs. The first presents silky hairs, lying on the body and almost without undercoat. The second has a mid-length rather than a long coat. It is also silky and lying on the body. The tail is well supplied.
  • Its color: The standard of the American Curl is like its cousin the American Bobtail. All coat colors are permitted.
  • Its head: It is medium in size and triangular in shape, fairly long and narrower. The muzzle has rounded contours, the chin is firm.
  •   Its eyes: They are rather large, proportional to the rest of the head. Walnut shaped and well-spaced. All colors are accepted by the standard, which however prefers the brightest.
  • Its ears: The ears of the American Curl make it unique and unique. They are curved above the head and form an arc going from 90 ° to 180 ° backward. They are rather large and have hair inside. However, the original shape of its ears should not prevent the cat from having natural movements.
  • Its tail : It is quite short since it measures between 1 and 4  Inches Feather-shaped, especially in the long-haired variety.

Behavior With Others

The American Curl is especially cute with Its curled ears. It can not stand loneliness and remains very attached to Its master as well as to Its adoptive family. It’s gentle , tender and enjoys hugs.

It demands constant attention from Its owner, who will have to show It, love back. It’s also quite playful, especially with children, which makes it a great playmate for them. It tolerates very well the presence of congener and other animals at its side since it is discreet.

Note Its great curiosity and the almost total absence of meowing, which is a tremendous asset.

Living Conditions

The American Curl is above all an indoor cat, who will never be against a small corner of greenery outside or on a balcony. It must be given accessories useful for Its development and Its well-being, which will also allow It to exercise daily, because, even if Its, not a great sportsman, It must be able to keep the shape and a certain elegance. Therefore, a cat tree, a scratching post, and some toys are essential.

Health & Maintenance

The emphasis should be on Its ears, which should be cleaned regularly with cotton and never a cotton swab which would only damage Its ear canal. In addition, this cat does not present any hereditary disease and is of very solid constitution.

It has an iron health which allows It to live a good fifteen years without worry. Obviously, basic vaccines are mandatory to prevent It from the following diseases: rabies, typhus, leucosis, and coryza.

Hypoallergenic Breed: No

The life expectancy of an American Curl is between 13 and 16 years .

Whether the variety with short hair or the long hair, the maintenance of the American Curl is not very complicated. Just brush it regularly and you’re good to go. Its coat is not difficult to take care of.

The brush must be at least bi-monthly. It should allow your cat to maintain the vigor of its coat. In addition, it will be important to check the condition of Its ears regularly and to clean them if necessary. This will prevent It from developing infections.

The American Curl feeds mainly on industrial food made from high-quality mash or croquettes.


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