Can Cats Use The Same Litter Box? (Expert Advice)

Can Cats Use The Same Litter Box? (Expert Advice)

Cats are known to be independent and very clean animals. Considering that they are also quite sociable, there is generally a tendency to adopt even more than one. But when the second cat arrives, here’s the crucial question: Can two cats share a litter box?

In this article, we will discover the answer to this question and we will also try to understand what our cat’s behavior depends on.

How Many Litter Boxes Do You Need For a Single Cat?

There are two questions most cat owners ask feline behavior experts. The first concerns the methods to accustom the cat to the litter box, the second instead concerns the number of litter boxes to keep at home.

Here, apparently, the correct answer is one litter box for each cat plus one. This means that if you have a cat you will need two litter boxes, if you have two you will need three, and so on.

An adequate number of litter boxes in the home is essential to prevent behavioral problems, such as urination or defecation outside the litter box, and even veterinary problems such as feline idiopathic cystitis.

Territoriality And Privacy

Cats are highly territorial animals and anchored to their “possessions”, including litter. If you use only one litter box for two cats you will find that one of them urinates or defecates outside the litter box.

Having an extra litter box also serves to prevent one from invading the other’s litter box: it is better to offer an extra litter box option than to find yourself cleaning your cat’s mess of the sofa or the carpet.

The Right Litter Box For Your Cat

The type of litter you choose is also very important. The litter boxes should be different and don’t let out excessive scents. For this reason, you need to choose at least two types of litter that both cats will like.

It would even be better to take two types of sands that are liked only by one and the other cat so that the boundaries are even clearer. For the third litter (remember the even number + 1 rule) a more neutral and fine-grained sand will do.

If you don’t know which type of litter to choose, remember that there are also automatic litter boxes, which are among the most innovative and popular options at the moment. Their main advantage is that they allow you to schedule multiple cleaning cycles per day.

With three automatic litter boxes, you can be on the safe side, because even in the event of a “field invasion” the evidence will be eliminated in a short period of time.

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