The Life Span of Scottish Fold Cats: Their Average Age and How To Increase It

The life span of Scottish fold cats: their average age and how to increase it

The lifespan of Scottish Fold cats depends on three conditions: congenital genetics, maintenance, and nutrition. Of course, good inheritance from the parent British breed plays an important role.

But unscrupulous breeding or non-compliance with the conditions of detention can significantly shorten the life of a Scottish cat.

How long do Scottish Fold cats live at home?

Each breed has its own biological clock that measures the time of approaching old age. It is interesting that this criterion has not yet been deciphered by genetic scientists and the life span of Scottish Fold cats is determined only by practical observations.

Experts and professional cat breeders operate with a 15-year cut. During this time, the Scotsman goes through a full cycle of development – from birth and growing up to old age.

Felinologists have compared the life expectancy of a Scottish cat with representatives of other breeds. For this, parallels were drawn with the indicators of animals that took part in the selection of the Scottish Fold.

  • British short and long-haired cats. These are the direct ancestors of the Scots, who were separated into a separate tribal group due to the genetic mutation of the ears. The life expectancy of the British reaches 20 years.
  • American Shorthair breed. According to one version, British cats came to the islands with the Roman conquerors at the beginning of the last millennium or were later brought by the crusaders. So shorthaired “Americans” also influenced how long Scottish cats live. The average lifespan of these cats is 15 years.

The next nuance is an intra-tribal division into fold-eared and straight-eared (straight). This is one and the same group of cats, only with a different manifestation of the set of fd genes, which are responsible for the structure of the auricle.

Scottish Fold

All Scottish kittens are born with normal ears. At the age of 2-3 weeks, it is already possible to understand which babies appeared in the litter.

  • in the fdfd variant, cats with ordinary ears are born;
  • with a combination of Fdfd or FdFd, the tips of the ears are curved.

The presence of diseases of the musculoskeletal system also depends on how many years a Scottish cat will live. Lop-eared pets are prone to this pathology due to a gene that deforms the ear cartilage. Therefore, straight-eared Scottish cats are believed to live longer.

Important! In the absence of genetic abnormalities, straight-eared and lop-eared Scots develop the same way and almost always live to a venerable age.

Factors affecting health and life expectancy

The life span of Scottish Fold cats is directly related to the conditions of their keeping. Three components are especially important here: no stress, quality feeding and timely veterinary procedures.

Interesting! Zoopsychologists have noticed that the Fold-eared Scots, in close contact with children, are afraid for the safety of the fragile auricle. Especially if you have already become acquainted with the painful sensations during games and stroking the head. In such situations, the Scots prefer to hide and not participate in general entertainment, which is unusual for cats of this breed.

How to prolong the life of a Scottish Fold

Recommendations of veterinarians and felinologists will help to significantly increase the life span of a Scottish Fold. They concern:

  • disease prevention;
  • correct feeding;
  • hygiene procedures;
  • regular physical activity, etc.

Regular and timely prevention of diseases of a lop-eared cat

The guarantee of the longevity of the Scottish cat is timely vaccination. Kittens undergo the first veterinary procedures even at the breeders. By the age of 3 months, the baby must be vaccinated and treated against external and internal parasites. In the future, complex vaccination and rabies prophylaxis is performed once a year.

Regular antiparasitic treatment is equally important. It is carried out once a month for fleas and once every 5-6 months for worms.

Proper feeding of the Scottish cat

With the diet of the animal, problems usually do not arise – fold-eared Scottish cats are not very picky about food. The only thing that can affect the life expectancy is the non-observance of the balance of nutrients in the pet’s body.

Three approaches to compiling a feline diet are considered:

  1. Natural food, when the owner independently calculates the weight of the food and the size of the daily portion.
  2. Commercial food is given to the cat according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  3. A mixed-method in which both types of food are combined.
The Life Span of Scottish Fold Cats: their average age and how to increase it

The diet of a Scottish cat necessarily changes depending on its age:

  1. In childhood, it is preferable to feed your pet with natural products. The owner monitors the development of the animal and can correct both the portion size and its useful content in time.
  2. As they reach puberty, cats usually switch to dry pellets. Even in the event of an exacerbation of any disease, you can always choose a premium composition with a suitable set of vitamins and minerals.
  3. In old age, Scottish Fold prefers a mixed type of feeding. During this period, problems with teeth often arise – the animal completely refuses granular formulations, even if they are slightly soaked.

Hygiene and care of the Scottish cat

For lop-eared cats that do not leave the apartment, a standard set of hygiene procedures is recommended:

  • Grooming – weekly brushing, which is repeated 2-3 times a week during the period of active shedding.
  • The oral cavity is examined once a month: the condition of the teeth, tongue, palate, and gums.
  • As dirt develops, the nose and eye area are cleaned.
  • Ears are treated once a month – they remove dirt and sulfur from them.

When cleansing the auricles in lop-eared pets, additional precautions must be taken. Flexible cartilage can be easily injured and painful. The pet’s ears are gently folded back to remove dirt.

It is recommended to use liquid ear drops or lotions, which will penetrate the ear canal by themselves and neutralize wax.

Important! Keeping a Scottish cat outside the home (in open enclosures and free-range) requires more frequent hygiene procedures. Aggressive external environment promotes the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria, due to which destructive processes in the body occur faster.

The Life Span of Scottish Fold Cats: their average age and how to increase it

Education and physical activity for the Fold Scotsman

It is noticed that the threshold of 15-20 years old increases depending on the loads that the kitten receives in childhood. The richer the program of an early age, the longer the passive period of the onset of feline old age and the lower the risk of diseases.

The next point concerns education and training – Scottish Fold cats are distinguished by a high level of learning and easily adapt to various tasks.

It is best to train your pet through a game in which it is in direct contact with a person.

Limiting stress factors in cats

We can say that all the preceding points to some extent touch on this issue. By the type of organization of the nervous system, the Scots are closest to the group of sanguine cats. They are affectionate, good-natured, in a natural setting, they are devoid of signs of aggression and love to be in a team.

Deviation from this norm can throw them off balance and cause stress. For the rest, it is enough for the owners to devote time and attention to their pets so that the stress factor will forever recede into the background.

Sterilization and neutering of Scottish cats

The sex of an animal does not affect its lifespan. But sterilized fold and Scottish cats live longer due to the absence of diseases of the organs of the reproductive system.

However, after surgery, hormonal changes occur in the animal’s body that causes an increase in appetite. Therefore, the life span of castrated Scottish Fold cats may be shortened due to excess weight, which increases the risk of kidney and heart disease. But if the owner strictly monitors the diet, and the cat leads an active lifestyle, then the pet will not have health problems.

The Life Span of Scottish Fold Cats: their average age and how to increase it

Scottish Fold cats have not yet become a mass breed. Their breeding is associated with genetic problems that have not been fully understood. This breed is still not recognized by some felinological organizations, which also hinders the widespread distribution of Fold Scots.

But a good-natured character, normal health indicators and an unusual appearance are gradually breaking the established distrust. The opportunity to have a funny pet next to you for a decade and a half turns out to be stronger than other fears and risks.

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