Why Does My Cat’s Butt Stink? 7 Reasons

why does my cat’s butt stink

Cats are clean animals. Everyone says it, and you know it’s true because you see your cat grooming itself all the time. So why does your cat’s bottom smell bad? Here are the possible reasons.


If there are knots in the fur around the rectum and genitals, you will immediately smell the bad smell. The knot holds the urine and sometimes even the feces, thus giving off the stench. Knots are formed for several reasons, here are a few:

  • The hair tends to knots. The hair could favor the formation of knots, especially long hair like that of the Persians. These cats in fact need to be brushed every day with particular attention to the bottom area to prevent the formation of knots.
  • Scar. If your cat has a scratch or tears in the area under the tail, the surrounding fur may stick to the scar and form a knot.
  • Failure to self-clean. Knots may form if the cat becomes so heavy that it can no longer clean its backside. It will stop cleaning Itself well even if It’s sick or elderly, thus favoring the formation of knots.

Urinary tract infection

Another cause of bad smell could be a urinary tract infection. The bacteria that cause the infection could also be responsible for the bad smell. The cat may have an urgent need to urinate frequently which sometimes leads to urinating indoors as well. Some pee residues may remain on the skin and fur around the urethra and cause an odor.

If you suspect your cat has a urinary tract infection, make an appointment with the vet immediately. These infections are painful for cats and could even cause a urinary blockage in male cats.


An older cat may have problems with joint functioning making it difficult to clean the intimate area. Here’s what another cause of bad smell could be. Sometimes older cats need help with grooming. Brush your cat more often to avoid knots and use baby wipes to help keep your cat clean.

NEVER give your cat over-the-counter medications if you suspect It’s in pain due to arthritis. Cats can also die if they take medicines intended for human use. Contact your vet.

why does my cat’s butt stink


An overweight cat could develop a bad smell for one of the following reasons:

  • As we have already mentioned, an overweight cat may develop hair knots in the rectal area that retain urine and feces.
  • An overweight cat may have creased skin due to the fat around the rectal area. These creases may catch and absorb hard-to-clean urine residue.
  • Urine that remains on the skin for too long attracts a number of bacteria that increase even more the bad smell and cause skin infections.

Like older cats, overweight cats also need help with cleaning. We recommend daily cleaning with intimate wipes for changing nappies in the rectum area, genitals, and skin folds. Also, help your cat lose some weight by getting It to exercise. However, ask your vet for advice on the right diet.

Anal glands

Inside the rectum of cats, there are glands that usually come into operation at the time of defecation. They are the anal glands, and they contain a very strong and unpleasant odor. Sometimes the anal glands become infected or develop abscesses and have foul-smelling discharge.

The cause of the bad smell, therefore, could also be one of these. If you suspect your cat has an anal gland infection, it’s important to take It to the vet right away.


If your cat has diarrhea, it may sometimes be difficult for It to restrain Itself. Some debris could settle on the hair around the rectum and emit a bad smell. Cats usually clean up these things quickly, but if they’re not feeling well, they may not be able to.

If you notice that your cat’s backside is giving off a bad smell, check the litter box to see if the stools are firm or loose. If they are slow, diarrhea is probably the problem.

why does my cat’s butt stink

Chronic diseases

If your cat is suffering from a chronic illness or has been sick for a long time, It may have reduced the frequency of self-cleaning. As a result, the health of the coat undergoes a general decline, and knots, dandruff, and bad smell form.

If you notice that bad odor is accompanied by a general decline in coat condition, make an appointment with your vet.

As we have seen, the causes can be many and of different nature. This article may help you identify what is causing it. Remember that your cat doesn’t like that bad smell either.

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