In the field of pet health insurance, it is often ignored that an age limit is imposed by companies. This is a major criterion of choice when one wishes to take out a contract in order to protect the health of his/her faithful companion. It is therefore important to be well informed before choosing insurance for your dog over 7 years old. The ideal is of course not to wait until It’s too old to offer It good health coverage.

Insure your dog over 7 years old to not take any risks  

No dog is immune to an accident or a health problem even if It’s lucky to be in great shape from an early age. Under these conditions, some owners think that they save money by not insuring their dog with animal health insurance. However, when the animal is injured or if it falls ill, it is too late to decide to take out an insurance contract that will reimburse the expenses incurred for this specific event. Companies generally impose a waiting period during which the animal is not taken care of. This period allows the professional to ensure that the dog is in good health. It is only covered at the end of this waiting period, which can last several months.

During this time, no refund can be given to its owner. The owner must, therefore – if necessary – assume alone all the expenses related to veterinary procedures, the purchase of drugs, or even hospitalization. The score can be very high because the prices of veterinarians are set freely. In the event of a serious illness or accident requiring heavy care, the pet owner may not have the necessary budget to care for his/her animal. By not insuring his/her faithful companion early enough, the owner, therefore, takes the risk of exposing the life of his/her dog for financial reasons.

Take out a dog insurance contract: the advantages

Insuring your dog with an animal insurance company allows you to collect reimbursements when the animal is sick or injured. The insurance for pets covers illness, accident, hospitalization. If you want even wider coverage, you just need to opt for a high-end contract which also partially covers alternative medicine as well as preventive acts and many others.

Depending on the plan chosen, the reimbursement rate is 50 to 100%, the annual reimbursement ceiling also varies from $ 1,000 to $ 2,500 in most cases. As for the annual ceiling dedicated to preventive acts, it can be from 60 to 150 $ depending on the contract and the insurance company.

We understand that it is advantageous to insure your dog from the age of 2 or 3 months. In this way, the animal benefits from regular monitoring throughout its life. Its master therefore considerably reduces the budget to be devoted to the health of his/her faithful companion. Dogs insured from a young age are much more likely to be in better health than others, and consequently to live longer and more happily.

We must not fall into the trap of insurance contracts with an age limit. Indeed, many insurers wishing to take all possible precautions, refuse to cover dogs over 7 years old. They consider that these animals are old enough and that they are more exposed to the risk of pathologies that could lead to substantial reimbursements. The impact is therefore financial for animal health insurance professionals.

The benefit of using a dog insurance comparator

In the jungle of dog insurance companies, it is almost impossible to navigate without resorting to a pet insurance comparator. It is a very easy to use comparison tool. It allows a few clicks to access different dog insurance plans and to choose the one that best meets the needs of the animal and the budget of its owner. The owner can request several quotes. They are free and without any commitment. Comparing several formulas before deciding has become commonplace. This is essential in order to conscientiously study the amount of reimbursements, the scope of the guarantees, the different possible options, as well as the exclusions and all the general conditions specific to each company.

Dog insurance without age limit

Comparing insurance for your dog is also useful when you want to find a contract with no waiting period, no excess, and especially dog ​​insurance with no age limit. As we have said, some insurers refuse dogs over 7 years old. It is indeed a critical age from which many canines begin to suffer from more or less serious diseases which sometimes require heavy care, and therefore risk being very expensive. Large dog breeds are particularly exposed to certain pathologies and considered to be aged from 6 years old, or even before!

Fortunately, more and more animal health insurance companies are accepting insurance for dogs with no age limit. This is not without conditions, however: the owner must generally provide a declaration of health established by a veterinarian. This document informs the insurance company about the dog’s state of health at the time the contract is taken out. In any case, you must read the general conditions carefully. Some companies agree to insure dogs over 7 years old, but they extend the waiting period, increase the deductible and the premium, and may even lower the reimbursement rate. The ideal way to insure your dog over 7 years old is therefore to opt for insurance with no age limit, no waiting period and no excess.

The simplest solution to ensure the health of your dog is to think about taking out a health insurance policy for canines as soon as you buy or adopt the animal and – if possible – when it’s still a puppy. But even in this specific case, the terms and conditions should be checked before deciding. Because some companies do not cover the dog for life, but only up to a well-defined age beyond which the contract is terminated.

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