Do Dogs Get Period Cramps?

can dogs get period cramps

Human beings are not the only ones to suffer cramps. Among wild animals, It doesn’t usually happen, but among the most sedentary pets, in this case, our dogs, their appearances are not so rare after excessive exercise.

Understanding that dogs also have cramps, or worse, discovering that our best friend is suffering from one, is a clear sign that It needs a more active pace of life.

Why do cramps occur in dogs?

An untrained dog that is subjected to a sudden and strong exercise, will more likely suffer from cramps.

Hunting dogs, for example, at the beginning of the hunting season, usually suffer some cramps. After a few months of stopping, these dogs are subjected to a sudden brutal exercise at the beginning of the new hunting season. Other dogs that tend to cramp are greyhounds.

The cramps process

After the sudden and continued efforts dogs are reluctant to move, as they are sore as a result of persistent cramps.

Cramps are a consequence of subjecting the muscle to efforts you are not prepared for. This produces micro muscular injuries that cause inflammation and irritation in the muscle fibers and the consequent powerful pain characteristic of cramps.

How to combat, and prevent cramps in dogs?

1. Hydration

Since the cramps are a consequence of excessive exercise, logically dehydration is present in the said circumstances.

Dehydration is very dangerous for dogs since their body regulates its temperature by panting, as they can not perspire through their skin. It is very important that in all circumstances dogs have water at their fingertips.

In  case of dehydration while exercising they can suffer painful cramps, suffer a heat stroke and even pass away. If dogs are going to go through strenuous exercise for hours, it will be convenient to add some glucose to their water.

2. Quality food

Proper nutrition and weight adjusted to the standard of the canine race in question are essential to prevent cramps in dogs. It’s also very important for the correct elimination of cramps. Correct nutrition is an important axis on which canine health runs.

3. Previous exercise

To avoid injuries and unwanted cramps, dogs should be regularly exercised. Regular training is the best preventive manner to alleviate cramps and their complications.

All dog breeds should walk long enough and practice the exercise indicated for each of them.

This article is for information only, at we are not able to prescribe veterinary treatments or perform any type of diagnosis. We suggest that you take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

Can Dogs get period cramps?

When a dog is in the heat, it’s the opposite of a menstrual period. The dog’s uterine lining is building up and getting soft and juicy to receive embryos, while in a menstrual period the human uterus is shedding its lining and reverting to a normal state. The female dog is in a state of heightened sexuality during the heat. No cramping involved.

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