How To Bath Your Dog?

How To Bath Your Dog

Bathing your dog is a special moment between the both of you. For this moment to pass properly, it is advisable to have your dog take baths from an early age, and not wait until It’s an adult. Some species are really resistant to the idea of ​​a bath, for fear of being submissive. 

Bathing your dog is not complicated if there is no resistance. So, it is advisable that you start bathing your dog at a young age. Subsequently, this practice is very important regarding the hygiene of your dog without it becoming a habit either.

When to take a bath for your dog

A bath should only be given to your dog in certain situations where Its hygiene is seriously compromised:

  • Your dog comes home from a really dirty walk. It is covered with mud and dirt.
  • Your dog has just bathed in seawater, in a lake. It should be cleaned to avoid any parasites.
  • Your dog has a strong, unpleasant odor. It may have rolled in excrement, dung, manure …
  • Your dog has long, matted hair, which you haven’t been able to improve despite brushing. No choice, you have to go through with a bath.

A dog with a fairly short coat only needs to bath once every 2-3 months, apart from these very specific cases.

Bath material

Before any bath, you should check your equipment or think about buying some. So you will need:

  •  Products to wash your dog, specially designed for them with a mild pH. They are sold in pet stores or specialty shops.
  •  Spongestowels, and a mop.

The steps of the bath

  • Sit in your bathroom, closed, and heated in winter so that your companion does not catch a cold. In summer, be sure to close the window of your room to prevent your dog from running away if It cannot bear water or can not stand it.
  • Place your dog in the bathtub with a non-slip mat if possible to prevent It from panicking when It has no more grip. Talk to your dog and reassure It.
  • Wet your dog using the showerhead, the jet of which is set to the minimum position to not frighten your dog but also so that the water penetrates well under the covering coat. Gently wet your dog’s entire body with lukewarm water (88-92 ° F). Take care not to wet It eyes and ears.
  • When the fur is thoroughly wet, apply the shampoo all over the dog, being careful to rub at the tail, neck, and back. You will then pass on its belly, its side, its thighs, its legs and you will end up with the head. Your dog should appreciate this message from you. Don’t skimp on cleaning the paws.
  • Rinse, always taking care to avoid getting water in Its ears and eyes.

Drying Your Dog

Once thoroughly rinsed (there should be no traces of shampoo left), your dog can now be dried. Use a terry towel and gently dry your dog from head to toe. Don’t forget any part of Its body.

For some dogs, you can use a hairdryer (there are special ones for dogs) while avoiding the ears and eyes.

Your dog is now smelling nice and clean.

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