My Dog Ate Fish Bones

my dog ate fish bones

Fish is not a complete meal. However, some dogs – and cats – love it! Watch out for edges, because they represent a real danger.

Even if it’s not inadvisable to give fish to your dog – or even to your cat -, and although this in itself does not constitute a “complete” meal, you must be wary of bones.

When the ridge is planted in the throat 

A ridge can indeed get stuck in your dog’s throat. The animal will then try to vomit and may give the impression of choking. It will sometimes give paws for help to extract this foreign body from Its mouth.

To detect the presence of a ridge, if it’s not so obvious – depending on its position – for the veterinarian to whom the animal must be taken immediately! An x-ray is not always enough. An ultrasound might be needed to detect the stuck bone.

It may be possible to remove a bone without resorting to anesthesia depending on its “position”. But all this is very “uncomfortable” for the dog who will suffer from it.

Effects on the stomach 

A fishbone can also lead to the risk of laceration of the stomach (digestive perforation). In this case, the animal can present various signs that it is not easy to interpret if it has not been caught in the act: prostration, loss of appetite …

So obviously, if you want to feed your pet fish, make sure you get rid of any bones, no matter how small!

Don’t Do This If your dog has fish bones stuck

Never induce vomiting. If the bones are going to be a problem passing through the intestines, then they’ll be a problem coming back up through the esophagus. If the fish has made its way to the dog’s stomach It should be fine.

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