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The Ariégeois is above all known for Its infallible flair, his foolproof endurance. It’s the hunter’s ideal companion. It loves game such as partridge or woodcock.

In addition to its hunting skills, the Ariégeois is an ideal companion for humans. It’s very intelligent, endearing, gentle, sensitive. Sometimes stubborn, of course, it will always try to satisfy its owner.

Particularly sociable with children, but also with other animals, whose company It accepts without complaining. In addition, It has great learning abilities.

Other names: Braque de l’Ariège

History of the breed

Ariégeois is originally, as its name suggests, from Ariège, in the Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées region.

The breed is the result of a cross between a local lighter dog and an order dog, probably the Bleu de Gascogne, between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

The objective was to develop a breed to excel in hare hunting.

Its ability to navigate difficult terrain in the forest or in the mountains has always been appreciated by hunters who have used it. Mainly present in the South, it is much rarer in the rest of France and, a fortiori, in the rest of the world.

After having almost disappeared during the Second World War, the breed has been slowly getting a makeover.

Physical features

  • Its hair: rather short, tight, and fine in texture.
  • Its color: white with black spots. The contours of the marks are well defined. The dress may be speckled. Pale tan marks on cheeks and eyes.
  • Its head: medium width. The skull is slightly domed when seen from the front. The stop is little accentuated. The nose is black, the nostrils well open, the lips tight and thin.
  • Its ears: rather long, reaching the base of the nose without going beyond the end, drooping, thin, flexible, narrow at their attachment.
  • Its eyes: brown in color, wide open, displaying an alert expression.
  • Its body: the back is well-muscled, the loins united and slightly arched, the croup quite horizontal, the chest long and of medium width, the flank flat and slightly raised.
  • Its tail: rather thin, reaching the point of the hock, carried happily like a saber blade.

Behavior With Others

The Ariégeois is a dog full of joie de vivre and affection. It’s cheerful, sociable, intelligent, and obedient. When hunting, it emphasizes its speed, but also Its sense of initiative and application.

Patient with children, It’s also a very good companion dog. It gets along well with other dogs.

Faithful to Its owner and its adoptive family, It’s gentle and caring with Its loved ones. It will stand up for those with whom It lives. It will seek to satisfy  Its owner.

It enjoys the company and hugs. Very sensitive, I could be worried from time to time. We must be careful to reassure It.


Education of the Ariégeois

The Ariégeois is not a particularly difficult dog to train. Docile and intelligent, It likes to please Its master and will perform with a lot of enthusiasm.

On the other hand, Its sensitivity means that education should not be too firm.

The Ariégeois has strong learning potential. Its education is therefore rather simple,  provided it is done early and correctly.

As with all dogs, it is necessary to train them with delicacy, gentleness, and firmness.

With a shy temperament, it is advisable to socialize It very young with humans so that It does not develop any fear.

Living Conditions

A hunting dog par excellence, the Ariégeois needs large spaces to flourish and feel good.

Thus, life in the countryside fits It like a glove. Conversely, life in the city or in an apartment becomes problematic from the moment when it cannot be spent at will.

It is therefore essential, mandatory to take it out several times a day and during long walks.

Health & Maintenance

Ariégeois has no particular health problem. Above all, It does not develop any hereditary disease during Its life. However, due to  Its floppy ears, It may be prone to some ear infections.

It is therefore advisable to regularly check Its ears and clean them.

For this, the veterinarian will be able to indicate the procedure to follow.

The life expectancy of an Ariégeois is, on average, between 10 years and 13 years.

It is easy to maintain an Ariégeois. This often only requires regular (weekly) brushing in order to remove dead hair.

However, as this is a dog that loves the outdoors and usually spends time there, it should be examined upon returning from each outing.

Its pads should be cleaned and its coat checked so that no parasite Its caught on. In addition, Its eyes and ears are to be washed.

It is recommended to brush the dog weekly to maintain the cleanliness of its coat and skin. Special attention is put to Its ears to prevent debris and possible infections.

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